A short interview with Sophie after 'Sing And Dance' has reached #5 in the Swedish charts first week after the release.

Promo 038Congratulations Sophie Zelmani... entering the album chart straight in at five with "Sing and Dance".
Really nice, it's been a long time since I was on the charts.
You have had time to become a mother since last time?
Yes, I had a daughter two and a half years ago. Since then I have mainly concentrated on being a mother.
But was it possible to tear yourself away from making gruel and changing diapers to write songs?
Yes, I was really eager to make this album, even though it was hard finding the time to write. It was usually just short moments.

Those moments must still have been very good. You have got good reviews?

Yes, that is very nice. Really a relief.
You are singing a duet with Freddie Wadling on the album. How was that?
Exciting. It was the first time I have heard someone else sing my songs.
From where have you got the inspiration for the new songs?
As always in people, relationships and feelings. Sometimes I think about if I should write a love song to my child. But it hasn't felt right. I get more inspiration from other people's lives.
Finally, what do you want most of all right now?
That there won't be any more big icicles falling from the roofs in the city.

About Sophie:
Name: Sophie Zelmani.
Age: 29.
Profession: Musician.
Family: Boyfriend and one child.
Lives: In Stockholm.
Income: 314 600.

Credits: Dan Panas, www.aftonbladet.se