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Sophie Zelmani
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You and Him

Intro: [Bm] [A] [G] [A] x 2

[Bm]You were in the city
one night all alone
[G]Waiting for a taxi
that could take you home
[Em]You saw a man walking
down the street, towards you
[Bm]And you could see he had no teeth
in his upper jaw
He had dirt in his hair,
he had dirt everywhere
[G]His clothes didn't fit,
and one eye was hit
[Em]He asked you if you had
a minute to talk
[Bm]You said you didn't talk to strangers
and you started to walk

[Bm] [A] [G] [A]

[Bm]His eyes looked sad
and he asked you why
[G]you acted like this,
was it because he looked so bad
[Em]I know I scare you,
but I just wanted to say
[Bm]that you're the most beautiful,
I've seen today

[Bm] [A] [G] [A]

You said
[Bm]Thank you very much
but please now
leave me alone
[G]He said where are you going
You said
I'm going home
[Em]Oh please would you invite me
to your house sometime
[Bm]you have just seen mine,
it's here on the ground

[Bm] [A] [G] [A] x2

[Bm]He took a bottle from his jacket
and he said cheers
[G]And you felt it was gone,
that feeling of fear
You said
[Em]what happened to you,
how could you
end up like this
[Bm]You must have had your choices, so
tell me what it is

[Bm] [A] [G] [A]

He said
[Bm]you don't know a thing about me
[G]All you know is only what you see
[Em]Even if I've lost most
of my brain
[Bm]I still can see the sun and I feel
when it rains

[Bm]I tried to be friendly,
I tried to be nice
[G]But you turned me your back and
you were as chilly as ice
[Em]I didn't ask you for money,
I asked you for words
[Bm]It's not my life that bothers,
it's the way you act that hurts

[Bm] [A] x 2

[Bm]You said you were sorry,
but how could you know
[G]what someone like him,
suddenly could do
[Em]But then you talked
until the taxi arrived
[Bm]You said you had to go,
you said goodnight

[Bm] [A] [G] [A] x 8

[Bm]There's only one thing
I wanna tell you
before you go
[G]I know you wanna get home
I know you do
[Em]I just wanted to tell you,
I just wanted to say
[Bm]That I'll remember
with a smile this day

[Bm] [A] x 4 [Bm]

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