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Sophie Zelmani
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If I Could

Em, G, C, G, C, Em x 2

Em   G
If I could
        C          G
Give anything I could
        C                   Em
If my thoughts could do you good

Em                    G
If I could help you with
                C                  G
This spart of life you've got to live
            C                  Em
You could load your weight on me

Em              G
If I meant to you
    C            G
What you mean to me
        C             G     
Your fight would also be
The greatest thing
You could do for me


Em       G
If I knew
           C                  G
When your pain be shining through
            C           Em
I could be watching over you
Em          G
If I'd been close
         C                  G
I could reach the things to use
          C           G
And know just what to do
Em                G
One thing I will do
       C          G
To never let you go
  C            Em
Never let you go
   C           Em
Never let you go

Outro C, Em
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