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Written by:
Sophie Zelmani
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Churchbell, stop your ringing
So loud in my ears
I won't forget what I've told you
But I have no rush from here

I'm speaking from the bottom
Almost from the other side
I'm feeling my thanksgiving
Coming through and wide

Churchbell, churchbell
Stop ringing, stop ringing

When you've left your yearnings
Life can take you by surprise
I am stranded with your warning
How I could lose my eye
Rob from always on the run is so bad and copy paste is a sin
I couldn't reach my father
But he let me understand
That he has opened up for others
Who'll lift me up again

So churchbell
Churchbell, stop ringing,
Stop ringing, stop ringing
Don't ring me out of here

If it isn't for a wedding
Hold your call on me
I'm just about to put my finger
On something that's on its way to me

So churchbell
Churchbell, stop ringing
Churchbell, churchbell, churchbell
Don't ring me out of here

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