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Written by:
Sophie Zelmani
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I'm thinking if this was a harbour
how would that make us feel
if we walked quietly through the hours
in the scent of the sea
I'm thinking if there was an hour
when you could say anithing to me
the harbour is a mirage
it's just a thought inside oe me

Just thinking if this was a cottage
and you saw me on the hill
would you invite me for some coffee
and then have time stand still
I'm just thinking about the time
and how it ends so brutally
the cottage is a mirage
no time like that could be
but surely it looks like a house to me

I'm thinking if this was an island
where our summers would be
what do you think would happen
if all time we had was free
just thinking about the summer
and where it's taking me
the island is a mirage
soon I'll have to veer
but surely it looks like land to me

I'm thinking if this was a tavern
and we would say hello
pleasures by the hour
I dream of so much more
I'm dreaming of a harbour
a coast and the open sea
they are all a mirage
so is the man in front of me
but surely he looks like a man to me

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