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Sophie Zelmani
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Got to stop

I've got to stop, got to stop the trembling
it's beginning to drag me down
I've got to change, my wishes
I've got to stop wanting
wanting you here

I've got to do something about the dreaming
it leaves the day the loss of been touched
I've got to discover some other meaning
and I've got to stop
wanting you so much

I've got to stop, got to stop the exploding
it's taking too much sense off me
I've got to change my thinking
because it blinds me and blinds the right way to see

I've got to stop, saving
the abundance becomes a shame without you
I've got to give up, the believing
I've got to stop hoping
but that's so hard to do

and I've got to stop, I've got to stop worrying
about why loneliness follows me
I've got to stop, damning
damning time
for it's aging me

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