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Written by:
Sophie Zelmani
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There Must be a Reason

Decided to leave my
past years to the gods
It wouldn't be fair
it wouldn't be right
To choose myself to be the judge

I learned to keep my mouth shut
and I tried to understand
That you must have a good heart
if you could win,
my mother's hands

I'm sorry mother
there must be another reason
I'm sorry mother
but now we are done!

She was caught in the middle
wanted to save her from wars
So I started to live for the day
I could move my life outdoors

The distance burried
my thoughts of revenge
It was a relief to think
of you as a friend
Now it occurs to me,
how we have changed
Since I've grown up
it suddenly stopped

I'm sorry mother
There must be a another reason
I'm sorry mother
but now we are done

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