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Written by:
Sophie Zelmani
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Hey my friend, do you mind
If I use you now just a little
Hey my friend, do you mind
If I put you here for a while in the middle

And with a little help from your eyes
I might forget I'm anothers
If you let me drown in your eyes
I might survive I'm so lost in others

And you my friend would you mind
To be here when I wake up
It might make me win some time
Or even make his time stop

Cause if I'm only composing
I need to compose him
Hurrying out my life
I'm only composing, only composing

So if it's alright my friend
I'd like to learn a little bit on you now
If you just let me pretend
I'll owe you if this plans works out

And with you beauty so close tonight
Might spread some sense of comfort
You could be helping me out
By giving me something for the cold

Cause if I'm only composing...
So my friend do you mind
To be a kind of joker

I'd play him off my hand
And I could leave this clean and sober

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