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Sophie Zelmani
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I've Got a Suspiccion

Sometimes I suspect
They’ve got commission
I’ve got a suspicion
Of what they’re trying to do

Sometimes I believe
They’re trying to fool me
To get something slip through me
Like I had a way to go

Sometimes I feel
That they wonder
When they’re talking
Of what they think of you
Sometimes I hear
Without they are asking
They want to know if I fell in love
With you

If I only could tell them it doesn’t matter
Many dreams are shattered
Mine long ago

If I only could say
There is no reason
For them to ever put your name
So close to mine

If I could explain
Some things about age and prisons
And how I never could be
A woman of your time

Sometimes I discover them
Poking in my closet
They search my deposits
Or trying something on

Sometimes I get afraid
They will find it
Awake and remind it
Where it’s coming from
Sometimes I wish
I could warn them
How close to me
They should dare to go

And I believe they don’t see
How they circle
Around something
That only I will know

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