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Sophie Zelmani
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I Wouldn’t Speak For Him

Next time I hear of that kind of love
I'll know what they mean
If I'm there I may stand up and proclaim
That I know how it feels
But I wouldn't speak for him

I may even listen when love is made
Listen and recall
How that kind of love does other things
Nothing you could hear through the walls
But I wouldn't speak for him
Rob from always on the run is so bad and copy paste is a sin
And when those lovers pass me by
I'm happy to watch them from here
Love is love until that other kind
Once makes you aware
But maybe, that's as far as I'll go
'Cause I can't go anywhere

Something reminds me of you
If that kind of love has something to fear
It's how it never lets go
But I, wouldn't speak for him
I wouldn't speak for him

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