Bern 2008In the last couple of days I've been updating the gallery a little bit.
I found out I forgot to upload some live pictures with the site update. Those were the live pictures of wich is uknown when they were taken. After some 'googling ' l found out for a few of them when they were taken, so I've created 2 new albums.
The Hulstfred Festival in 2004 now has a sperate album. And the Love & Peace festival 2004 in Borlänge has its own album.

There a 2 new albums of the Memory Loves You tour. 4 new pictures of the concert in Stockholm, Sweden. And 11 pictures of the concert in Bern, Switserland.

While 'googling' I also found some new pictures of a concert in Zürich, Switserland in 2004, so I put those also in the gallery, you can find them here.

You can find a list of the last updated pictures in the gallery using this link.

Sophie's latest album "Memory Loves You" has been populating the top regions of the Swedish albums charts for weeks now.
After entering the charts on #2 in the first week after it's release, the album now is standing on #5 for the last three weeks.

In Zwitzerland the albums is also in the album charts. After entering it on #9 in the first week, the album dropped down 10 paces to # 19 the next week and now the album is on #28.

I could not find any other countries where the album has reached the charts. But if you find some info let me know!

Today Sophie turned 35, congratulations to you Sophie!

Today Sophie's new album, titled 'Memory Loves You&' is been officially released in Sweden. In Germany the new album will not be officially released until the 23th of February. But when you ordered your copy of the album over the internetyou could have received the album yesterday.
The new album includes the following tracks:

  • Wait For Cry
  • Memory Loves You
  • Broken Sunny Day
  • I Got Yours
  • Sorrow
  • How Different
  • Love On My Mind
  • Travelling
  • Now You Know
  • Shades

Sophie herself says about the new album that her music is quite quiet, slow, it are simple songs. And she thing the album is quite 'kind'
More about the new album you can read in an exclusive interview on
A few weeks prior this album, the song 'Traveling' has been released as a singe to Swedish radio stations, but not yet to music stores.

This is the complete tours schedule of Sophie's spring tour throughout Sweden, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

12-mar, Stockholm, Tyrol, Gröna Lund ~Tickets
13-mar, Stockholm, Tyrol, Gröna Lund ~Tickets
15-mar, Luleå, Kulturens hus ~Tickets
17-mar, Gothenburg, Trädgår'n ~Tickets
18-mar, Gothenburg, Trädgår'n ~Tickets
22-mar, Borås, Folkan ~Tickets
23-mar, Norrköping, Flygeln ~Tickets
24-mar, Gävle, Skottes musikteater ~Tickets
29-mar, Malmö, Kulturbolaget ~Tickets
30-mar, Malmö, Kulturbolaget ~Tickets

2-apr, Hamburg, Grünspan ~Tickets
3-apr, Berlin, Passionskirche Kreuzberg ~Tickets
5-apr, Cologne, Prime Club ~Tickets
6-apr, Heidelberg, Karlstorbahnhof ~Tickets
7-apr, Munich, Kleine Elserhalle ~Tickets

8-apr, Wien, Szene Wien ~Tickets

10-apr, Zürich, X-Tra ~Tickets
11-apr, Bern, Bierhübeli ~Tickets
12-apr, Geneve, I'Usine

Sophie is going on a tour again! For now only dates in Germany are available.
The tour and dates have not yet been confirmed officially, on Sophie's official website. But there are tickets for sale at German site
2-April,Hamburg, Grünspan ~Tickets
3-april,Berlin, Passionskirche Kreuzberg ~Tickets
5-april,Köln, Prime Club ~Tickets
7-april,München, Kleine Elserhalle

This summer Sophie will preform on the Blue Balls Festival in Luzern, Switserland. This festival is during from 21th of july till 29 of july 2006
The day Sophie will perform the is not quite sure. Will keep you informed.

There have been added 3 concerts to the february tour of Sophie. Sophie is also coming to Switzerland in 2006.


25 febr 20006 Bern, Bierhbeli ~Buy ticket
26 febr 2006 Veveym RKC Rocking Chair~Buy ticket
28 febr 2006 Zrich - X'tra Limmathaus ~Buy ticket

A few weeks back new tourdates were announced! Like in 2004 Sophie again is only touring in Germany.Except for 2 concerts in Zweden in november. Below you can find info about the concerts.

21-nov 2005 Stockholm, Rival ~Buy ticket~
21-nov 2005 Stockholm, Rival ~Buy ticket~
18-feb 2006 Hamburg / Knust ~Buy ticket~
19-feb 2006 Berlin, Kalkscheune ~Buy ticket~
21-feb 2006 Köln, Prime Club ~Buy ticket~
22-feb 2006 Frankfurt, Batschkapp ~Buy ticket~
23-feb 2006 Heidelberg, Karlstorbahnhof ~Buy ticket
24-feb 2006 Mnchen, Metropolis

Decade Of Dreams, that is the new title of Sophie's album, which will be released this November.This album will not be a full new album but it will have songs of the 5 older albums and will will include some news songs. So i think you could call it a best of album.
Ten years ago Sophie released her first single, 'Always You' and her album 'Sophie Zelmani' From the title of the album we could conclude that the past ten years have been a dream for Sophie!