This summer Sophie will preform on the Blue Balls Festival in Luzern, Switserland. This festival is during from 21th of july till 29 of july 2006
The day Sophie will perform the is not quite sure. Will keep you informed.

I've added some .torrent files for you to download. I've put them in the music page, where you can also find sample's o Sophie music. I do wanna say the the torrent files do contain copyrighted material! I only provide you with the torrent files. Not the content which can be downloaded using these files. This site or I does not support the illegal copying of copyrighted music. If you really support the artist you must buy his/her album! And especially Sophie's albums !!

There have been added 3 concerts to the february tour of Sophie. Sophie is also coming to Switzerland in 2006.


25 febr 20006 Bern, Bierhbeli ~Buy ticket
26 febr 2006 Veveym RKC Rocking Chair~Buy ticket
28 febr 2006 Zrich - X'tra Limmathaus ~Buy ticket

A few weeks back new tourdates were announced! Like in 2004 Sophie again is only touring in Germany.Except for 2 concerts in Zweden in november. Below you can find info about the concerts.

21-nov 2005 Stockholm, Rival ~Buy ticket~
21-nov 2005 Stockholm, Rival ~Buy ticket~
18-feb 2006 Hamburg / Knust ~Buy ticket~
19-feb 2006 Berlin, Kalkscheune ~Buy ticket~
21-feb 2006 Köln, Prime Club ~Buy ticket~
22-feb 2006 Frankfurt, Batschkapp ~Buy ticket~
23-feb 2006 Heidelberg, Karlstorbahnhof ~Buy ticket
24-feb 2006 Mnchen, Metropolis

Decade Of Dreams, that is the new title of Sophie's album, which will be released this November.This album will not be a full new album but it will have songs of the 5 older albums and will will include some news songs. So i think you could call it a best of album.
Ten years ago Sophie released her first single, 'Always You' and her album 'Sophie Zelmani' From the title of the album we could conclude that the past ten years have been a dream for Sophie!

Today I've created a new menu. It does have the old look, but it does have a totally otherfeel. Because now it is a nice flash menu. Some small other site enhancements have been made in the last days, but all quite small

A swedish newspaper has recently published a list of albums to be released this autumn. On the list Sophie's name was listed under November! Nothing has been confirmed so far, but we hope the news isn't a rumor!

On the site of Sophie's management there have been added some new places she will perform this summer. It 'are mostly festivals this summer. So it's not only Sophie you can see live, but also other artists.

A small list of where Sophie will play:
02-jun GOTEBORG, Liseberg
17-jun HULTSFRED, Hultsfredsfestivalen
09-jul SUNDSVALL, Gatufesten
10-jul BORLÄNGE, Peace & Love Festivalen
23-jul LUZERN (CH), Blue Balls Festival
21-jul ÖSTERSUND, Storsjöyran

There is a new page for the pictures. From now you can browse the pictures just like the forum.. It's part the the forum, and the forum is part of the gallery ;). Also a few others updates but not that big stuff as the gallery.

Today i've put some pictures online I made during the concert in Köln, 13th op april. I hope you will enjoy the pictures. For a full review of the concert in Köln you can visit our forum at (or use the link in the menu).