On the site of Sophie's management www.unitedstage.se/ there have been added some new places she will perform this summer. It 'are mostly festivals this summer. So it's not only Sophie you can see live, but also other artists.

A small list of where Sophie will play:
02-jun GOTEBORG, Liseberg
17-jun HULTSFRED, Hultsfredsfestivalen
09-jul SUNDSVALL, Gatufesten
10-jul BORLÄNGE, Peace & Love Festivalen
23-jul LUZERN (CH), Blue Balls Festival
21-jul ÖSTERSUND, Storsjöyran

The news has just been brought out that Sophie is going to do a promo tour in Sweden, Germany en Switzerland!!
She will perform shows at the following cities/venues:

04-mar LULEÅ, Ebeneser
05-mar LULEÅ, Ebeneser
06-mar GÄVLE, Konserthuset
12-mar LUND, Mejeriet
13-mar HELSINGBORG, Tivoli
17-mar STOCKHOLM, Nalen
18-mar STOCKHOLM, Nalen
19-mar STOCKHOLM, Nalen
20-mar UPPSALA, Katalin
24-mar GÖTEBORG, Storan
25-mar GÖTEBORG, Storan
26-mar GISLAVED, Gisleparken
27-mar MALMÖ, Konserthuset
31-mar OSLO, John Dee
01-apr TROLLHÄTTAN, Hebeteatern
02-apr BORÅS, Saga
03-apr KARLSKRONA, Bio Bar


13-apr KÖLN, Prime Club
14-apr BERLIN, Quasimodo
15-apr HAMBURG, Logo


17-apr GENEVE, l'Usine
18-apr ZÜRICH, Z-tra


19-apr MÜNCHEN, Atomic Café

That is the title of Sophie's new album that will be released 22 december this year. You can find more info about this lovely new album on www.zelmani.com. And off course also on this website! You can find a lovely preview of the new album on the official site. When released, you will find more snapshots of the songs here!

It is not officially made public so far but there are rumors that Sophiewill release her next album somewhere in January 2004. No other infolike title, track list are available at this time.

Sophie Zelmani\'s version of Bob Dylan's "Most of the time", recorded in 2000, will be part of the soundtrack of Masked and Anonymous, a new movie featuring Dylan himself, along with stars like John Goodman, Penelope Cruz, Jessica Lange and Jeff Bridges.

Sophie has been nominated in the category "Best Female Pop/Rock Artist Of The Year" at the Swedish Grammy Awards!

Today I've updated the discography. It is not that any albums were missing, but now also the singles are listed. Including a cover picture of most of them.
There is still some information missing. Not all details, like cover photo and release date are correct and there are a few covers missing. If you have details on these details please let me know.

Since today I also put a calendar on the site, this way it wil be very easy to look up when anything important is happening.
As you might see I'm still improving the site. You might see some color changes in the menus, or items being moved. But you will always see the most important menu-items in the top-menu.

After having the same design for the site for 3 years we decided we had to update the site a little...
So I re-designed the whole site. For those you have bought Sophie latest album it may look a litte familiar.
The site is still in development, but most basic things are now up and ready. I will add more items in the next few days.

Here is a short list of some changes:

  • Now using new forum software. All post have been saved. And you an sign in ot the main page with yor old username and password.
  • I've also installed new software for the gallery.
  • You can leave comments to news-items.
  • I've added more interviews and articles about Sophie.
  • The whole site is kind of a Sophie Community now.
  • All lyrics of the new album are online.

I've added some .torrent files for you to download. I've put them in the music page, where you can also find sample's o Sophie music. I do wanna say the the torrent files do contain copyrighted material! I only provide you with the torrent files. Not the content which can be downloaded using these files. This site or I does not support the illegal copying of copyrighted music. If you really support the artist you must buy his/her album! And especially Sophie's albums !!