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  • Most of the Time video

    Recently I found an older video of Sophie, performing the Bob Dylan song Most of the Time. Sophie performed the song on the Polar Music Prize Ceremony back in 2000. Bob Dylan recieved the prize that year. The version of Sophie was also recorded and put on the single Happier Man, wich was also released in 2000.

    You can watch the video of Most of the Time here.

  • New album and tour in 2019

    At the official website of Sophie ( a new album and new tour is announced. The album will be called Sunrise. The is not yet a release date or tracklist for the album.

    A few concerts have been planned in spring. Sophie will play in Denmark, Germany and Sweden. See detail below or at our special Tour page.

     31-03-2019 Köpenhagen  Jazzhus Montmartre
     01-04-2019  Berlin  Columbia Theater
     25-04-2019  Jönköping  Jönköpings Teater
     26-04-2019  Malmö  Palladium
     27-04-2019  Göteborg  Stora Teatern
     28-04-2019  Stockholm  Skandiascenen
     02-05-2019  Uppsala  Katalin
     03-05-2019  Norrköping  Hörsalen
     04-05-2019  Örebro  Örebro Konserthus
  • My Song to be released on March 3rd

    On the day Sophie celebrated her 45th birthday, on the 12th of February, her official website released news about her next album. The new album will be released on 3rd of March 2017. Also the tracklist was announced. The album will contain a total of 10 new tracks:

    1. Bless Me
    2. My Song
    3. Dreams Are Better
    4. When Times Are Bad
    5. The Happy Woman Cries
    6. Imagine
    7. No Victims
    8. This Prison
    9. I Wonder
    10. Something More

    The album will be relaesed on Sophies own label Oh Dear Records.

    All the concerts that were announced here earlier are now confirmed by the official website. Including some new concerts:

     25-03-2017 Kungsbacka Kungsbacka Teater
     06-05-2017 Linköping Konsert & Kongress
     09-06-2017 Ettersburg Pfingst.Festival

    For a complete overview of the upcomming shows you can visit the Tour page.


Sophie Zelmani is a singer/songwriter from Sweden. Her music style is mostly described as folk-pop music. But to really catch the music style of her songs you need more words than only those two. Sophie's music is  music as simple as it can be. Voice and guitar, drums and bass, the sound of a saxophone in a distance, the sounds of a flute or violin coming in close. With her gentle, sometimes whispering voice she sings about love, life and other feelings.

Her career started over 25 years ago with her self-entitled debut album, the album got picked up by the audience quickly and became popular in Sweden and the far east. Since then she released 12 albums, and one 'Greatest hits'. One album contained mainly re-recordings of older songs. In March of 2019 her new album was released on her own record label called Oh Dear Recordings. The album is titled Sunrise and contains 9 new songs. 

Like every artist, Sophie's music has grown in all these years, but she never lost her roots. It's still Sophie singing with the same magic as in 1995. Just close your eyes when listening to Sophie, and feel how she can touch your heart and soul.


About  the site

So why did we make this fan-site you might ask? In the time we started this website in 2003, there were just a few sites that had some poor information about Sophie. There wasn't even an official site about her, and the information that was available was outdated. So we felt we had to do something about this. We loved her music so much that we want others to discover her music as well.

You can find allot here now: news, articles, pictures, music samples,a discography, music videos, a biography and a forum. You are welcome to join our community!