Sophie Zelmani in web chat about the new record

Today (13 jan 2001), Sophie Zelmani came by for a web chat about the new record, about what makes her happy and about music in general.

Here is the web chat summary.

Sophie Zelmani says: Hello, I'm here now! Ask away!
Lajnus says: Who are you?
Sophie Zelmani says: A woman with thirties crisis...
svenlin says: yo sophie. you are definitely Sweden's best artist. when did you begin making music? and why are you stopping now? Nooo, you have to continue.
Sophie Zelmani says: Thanks! I have been writing songs since my teens and I don't think I ever want to stop doing that.
Guest says: Are you pleased with the new album?
Sophie Zelmani says: Yes, you have to be before you release it.
Stefan says: Will there be a tour with the new album and if so when?
Sophie Zelmani says: No dates set but it should happen this spring.
Anna says: Just wanted to say that I think you are Sweden's best singer! Tell us something about yourself!
Sophie Zelmani says: Thanks- the compliments I get! Well, difficult to say anything in particular... What do you want to know?
Finnen says: How would you like people to see you? Media does not always convey the desired image..
Sophie Zelmani says: I think I just want people to enjoy my music. Because that's what there is.
Anna says: Family, where you live, interests?
Sophie Zelmani says: boyfriend, child, Stockholm. Ceramics, decoration, party games.
steve says: Where is your surname from?
Promo  032Sophie Zelmani says: From Russia. My mother's father's father is from there.
Stefan says: Name the three latest records you have bought.
Sophie Zelmani says: Cohen, Rebeckas and Willie Nelson.
milva says: what was it like working with Anton Corbijn (a GREAT favourite!) who took the pictures for your Precious Burden album?
Sophie Zelmani says: It was delightful since he is an amazing human being foremostly- and photographer of course!
jerome says: what is your favourite film?
Sophie Zelmani says: No special favourite, but I like the most. As long as there is a lot of drama.
Jessi says: Why have you chosen not to do so many interviews and "be seen". For other artists marketing is the most important thing!
Sophie Zelmani says: Honestly because I get so incredibly sick of myself...
Henke says: I have followed you/your music since your first record. How do you feel you have developed from your first album until now?
Sophie Zelmani says: Small changes that might be difficult to hear. But I have been acheiving my own goals and ambitions.
Juttan says: what song are you best pleased with on the new record?
Sophie Zelmani says: gone with the madness
Janne G. says: Hello. Can't you do a great song for Björklöven [Hockey Club]?
Sophie Zelmani says: Sure, do you want a sad one then?
ForeverChanges says: Have you ever had a regular job?
Sophie Zelmani says: Well... Short stints. For instance café assistant, selling shoes, delivery truck.
Karol from Poland says: Hello. I'm a fan of your music. Is there any slight chance you might ever come to Poland to promote your new album? (Besides, is there going to be a premiere of "Sing and Dance" outside of Sweden? Take care.
Sophie Zelmani says: Poland would be nice to visit! But we will see what happens...
Lolita says: Will you ever play an uptempo song?
Sophie Zelmani says: On this latest I already have one or two...
Martin Persson (Costodia) says: When do you write songs better, when you are sad or when you are happy?
Sophie Zelmani says: Sad, definitely.
Clas: What does Lars Halapi mean to you?
Sophie Zelmani says: Yeah, what would I be without him?! He means more and more to me every day...
sweeper says: Will you ever switch producer?
Sophie Zelmani says: You never know.
Firefighters says: We here at the fire station just have to thank you for your latest record we have relaxed to it loads of times =) Greetings from the firemen of Luleå
Sophie Zelmani says: Thank you very much! It warms me to hear things like that!
SU says: what makes you happy?
Sophie Zelmani says: People, good music and red wine.
Henke says: One last question from me, your favourite artists?
Sophie Zelmani says: Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, David Gray, Tracey Chapman, Cornelis, Love Olzon, Tomas Andersson Wij and many more.
smulan says: Who is Simon that you mention in 2 of your liner notes?
Sophie Zelmani says: But it's my loved one...
Magnus says: I have never heard a song of yours, which would you recommend as a nice introduction to your music?
Sophie Zelmani says: Going home from my latest- maybe that's something?
Sophie Zelmani says: Thanks for the pleasure of hearing from you! It was fun!