Sophie suggestion against stage fright:
"Pretend you're not due up on stage"

Tour in Japan this autumn and some day maybe a different profession. Perhaps drive a racer car?
Sophie Zelmani made her first ever web chat with readers of Aftonbladet, who wondered about her lyrics.

This Thursday she is playing at Nalen in Stockholm - but without thinking about being on stage! It is her trick against stage fright.

Here is a summary of the web chat:...

Moderator: Sophie has arrived at the paper. We will begin soon.
Sophie Zelmani: steps in
Anonymous says: hello when is your next single due
Sophie Zelmani: Hello! Nothing planned.
Calle asks a simple question: Is it hard work being mother of small children while at the same time holding up your career?
Sophie Zelmani says: No. It is only fun.
rockstar asks: How did your career begin to go ahead?
Sophie Zelmani says: After sending a demo -95 to Sony- after that recording etc.
Leffe says: When will you come to Sundsvall to play?? I have friends all the way down in Portugal who love your music!!
Promo 042Sophie Zelmani says: As soon as the arrangers there want me to. Say hello and thank you.
Roger says: How does it feel that a legend like Dylan has said positive things about you etc??
Sophie Zelmani says: It would be amazing if that was the case.
amanda wonders: Who is your idol?
Sophie Zelmani says: I like Bob Marley very much and many many others.
kotten asks: Who are you, really?
Sophie Zelmani says: Yes? Difficult to answer...
amanda wonders: How many songs have you made?
Sophie Zelmani says: about 40-50.
kotten asks: When did you lose your virginity?
Sophie Zelmani says: why do you want to know that?
Ove skinnlös.. asks: What is your favourite Dylan song?
Sophie Zelmani says: "most of the time" is a name that comes to mind
amanda wonders: What did you think of the miss-Sweden contest?
Sophie Zelmani says: Missed it because of a gig in Kalmar
Ove skinnlös.. asks: Have you ever met Dylan?
Sophie Zelmani says: No.
richard says: do you like your own music?
Sophie Zelmani: steps in
Sophie Zelmani says: I am always pleased with a song if I get done writing it.
Patte Puss asks: do you have a boyfriend?
Sophie Zelmani says: yes.
Elgen says: Do you see the commercialism around music as a problem?
Sophie Zelmani says: yes or both yes and no
*Maria* wonders: What is the song "time to kill" about?
Sophie Zelmani says: It is about that sometimes the only thing you can do is wait.
suggests: will you participate in the Eurovision Song Contest next year?
Sophie Zelmani says: No - I don't think so. Would you like me to?
Kristoffer asks a simple question: Hello. Just have to ask how long have you been going on?
Sophie Zelmani says: Been writing since I was around 16 years old. 5 years professionally.
Bella wonders: What do you think about the festival in Hultsfred?
Sophie Zelmani says: A good festival. I have never played there myself
Jenny says: What do you think of the Cranberries?
Sophie Zelmani says: Maybe I like a couple of songs
johan 24 says: Really fond of your first album. Missed your concert yesterday, but I'm convinced it was magical. When will you release a new album?
Sophie Zelmani says: Thanks. Have no idea. It will probably be a while
Andreas wonders: Favourite author?
Sophie Zelmani says: Astrid Lindgren
Tommy & Tobbe wonders: If Andreas' song 'Glorious' is about you?
Sophie Zelmani says: Maybe better to ask him
catrin says: do you write your lyrics yourself?
Sophie Zelmani says: Yep.
Paradigm asks: How do you handle stage fright, if you suffer any?
Sophie Zelmani says: by pretending that I'm not due up on stage at all
Lotta says: Does not your sister sing at all? You should be successful singing together :)
Sophie Zelmani says: You think? She sings sometimes and writes songs.
Diva wonders: will you be making a song with some other singer in the future?
Sophie Zelmani says: Maybe far off in the future
Diva says: hello how come you have such nice clothes?
Sophie Zelmani says: My sister sews my stage outfits. I look hideous privately
Mike asks: If one wants to play your songs oneself at home on guitar and one cannot take out the chords, where can one get hold of them?
Sophie Zelmani says: Maybe you can ask my publisher- Sony Publishing. Besides, the chords are very simple
Nina Andres wonders: Do you have your own studio at home?
Sophie Zelmani says: No. I use a teeny tape recorder
Åke asks: Do you want my cat?
Sophie Zelmani says: Allergic. And I prefer dogs
Tommy & Tobbe wonders: who do you think is Sweden's best musician at the moment?
Sophie Zelmani says: Love Olzon
Martina says: Hello! What song is your own favourite, best pleased with and enjoy singing the most?
Sophie Zelmani says: Happier man is fun to sing
fredrik29malmo says: what Swedish artists do you like
Sophie Zelmani says: Love Olzon, Eldkvarn's latest album, Olle Ljungström.
Nicke10 says: how is your life different now that you have a little fellow to take care of...?
Sophie Zelmani says: for nicke: Everything is more fun and meaningful.
Nina Andres wonders: Hello Sophie!! I think you have a great voice!! I am a song writer, and I have written a really nice for you that I wonder if you would like to use?
Sophie Zelmani says: Thanks for the offer- let me hear it.
Carina fjelkner says: Hello! I love your music and would do everything in the world to get to meet you!!
Sophie Zelmani says: Thanks. Why don't you come to a gig!
Olle Ljung wonders: Do you produce anything yourself too?
Sophie Zelmani says: No
Johan says: Will you be playing "Time to kill" and "losing you" tomorrow?
Sophie Zelmani says: Yes, I will.
catrin says: is your surname foreign?
Sophie Zelmani says: Russian
catrin says: do the lyrics mean a lot to you?
Sophie Zelmani says: Yes - a lot.
Johan wonders: If the child on your knee on the cover for "Time to kill" is your own?
Sophie Zelmani says: Mm...
ben says: what are your future plans?
Sophie Zelmani says: The plans stretch only to this autumn's festivals in Sweden and tour of Japan
Magnus Hellsten says: What do you mean by the lyrics "I've had my eyes, I've had my ears, to steal from you, so long"?
Sophie Zelmani says: To have been secretly observing.
C.LUUk wonders: WHO has meant the most to you??
Sophie Zelmani says: All my family members
Emil Klang asks a simple question: Do you feel that your appearance has given you advantage in the music business?
Sophie Zelmani says: Compliment? No - I don't feel that.
chribb says: What kind of guitar do you have?!
Sophie Zelmani says: A martin
Mattias 21 says: will you always be doing music or do you have other plans as well?
Sophie Zelmani says: I hope I find some other occupation too
frans asks a simple question: If you had to change profession, what would you choose to become, a rally driver or a ski jumper?
Sophie Zelmani says: rally driver
chribb wonders: Did anyone ever call you sofia salami?
Sophie Zelmani says: No. But it sounds nice, doesn't it.
Nina Andres wonders: What do you think of A-teens?
Sophie Zelmani says: Well...
Nalle wonders: Do you have a fan club?
Sophie Zelmani says: No
KILLOR asks: Which of these characteristics best suit private Sophie? "Humble" or "Hard"?
Sophie Zelmani says: it depends
Nicke10 says: do you play "fire" live on the tour now...? the ending is incredibly powerful...!
ingela says: are you sullen for never getting that grammis [Swedish Grammy]?
Sophie Zelmani says: I have got a grammis once. I get happy for being nominated.
Sophie Zelmani says: I'm afraid I have to go now. This was my first web chat and it was more fun than I thought. Take care!
Moderator: Thanks to all chatters. I'm sorry about the break in the beginning but it was because so many of your were in here. All questions was not visible on the screen because as usual we took one question at a time and let our guest answer it before going to next. All this so that it will be as readable as possible. Next web chat in an hour. Then it's Ola Skinnarmo live from the North Pole ice. Bye.